Error: I can't compile the libeemd by command "make"

Issue #6 invalid
Chris Chen created an issue

I am using the eemd by python, then I find her and like her because of friend and concise usage. but when I compile the libeemd , some errors found so that I can't finish the first step: compile! 捕获.PNG os: win10 I do not have that much experience in this sort of thing, how can i solve this problem?

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  1. Perttu Luukko repo owner

    @chris-chen, it seems your compiler cannot find GSL. It might be that you don't have GSL installed, or that there is something wrong with your configuration. In any case I don't see anything that would be a bug in libeemd. Please also note that installing libeemd on Windows is currently quite unsupported – I haven't tested it, and I have no way to test it.

    I'm closing this as invalid for now. Please reopen if you have more information that suggests that there is something wrong in libeemd.

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