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Classic API

This is the old LuxRender API that is no longer under active development. The following pages are specific to this API.

LuxCore API

This is the new LuxRender API that is under active development. The following pages describe which features of the new API LuxBlend supports and how it differs from the old API.


For Developers

Project Structure

The code is located in src/luxrender.

  • core Most of the main work (rendering loop, material previews) starts here.
  • export All geometry export happens here, also all materials defined in the old material editor (panel-based) are exported here. Note: nodetree export functions are defined in properties. The luxcore subfolder contains the LuxCore API export routines.
  • extensions_framework Abstraction code for LuxBlend's data structures
  • operators All operators are located here.
  • outputs API specific stuff.
  • properties Definitions of LuxBlend datastructures (e.g. materials, lamp settings, export settings, basically every panel you see in the UI). This also includes the node editor as well as the Classic/LuxCore export routines for material and volume nodetrees.
  • ui Drawing of UI elements happens here. Most of the time this is just a call to the corresponding property group (defined in properties/), but sometimes we need more control than those can offer, so there's also "Blender-Style" UI code.