Mathias Nielsen  committed 29131e7

added param: uf_mark_as_required
It can be used to mark fields like FormField as required, for styling, it has not validation.

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File wtforms/

 	def __init__(self, label=u'', validators=None, filters=tuple(),
 				 description=u'', placeholder=u'', uf_textfield_size=u'',
-				uf_multifield_alternate=False, id=None, default=None, widget=None,
+				uf_multifield_alternate=False, uf_mark_as_required=False, id=None, default=None, widget=None,
 				 _form=None, _name=None, _prefix='', _translations=None):
 		Construct a new field.
 			for f in flags:
 				setattr(self.flags, f, True)
 		#Customization for Uni-Form
+		self.uf_mark_as_required = uf_mark_as_required
 		if uf_multifield_alternate:
 			self.uf_multifield_alternate = ' alternate'