# Yulinling # Structure ## Page Naming Conventions * English: all lowercase separated with underscore: * Chinese: all lowercase of quanpin, no separator: ## Sections * Album * Post * Search_result (used for showing search result only, do not modify) ## Shortcodes * mfig {{<mfig src="src_path" alt="alt_text" class="class" link="link" caption="caption" attr="attr" attrlink="attrlink">}} * code {{<code "lang">}} my code here {{/code}} * music * type: mp3, m4a, ogg. {{<music src="src_path" type="audio_type" artist="artist" title="audio_title">}} * video * type: mp4, ogg, webm. * height: if not given, will use "auto". {{<video src="src_path" type="video_type" height="height">}} * timeline * name: used as the id of the div placeholder. * src: gives the data path, local data should be a json file, say d.json. It's suggested to it put under post/post_name/, then we can give src="d.json". Hugo will move the data file to the right place upon publishing. * first: give a random value to denote its the first timeline object in the page and will load corresponding js and css files. {{<timeline name="name" src="data_path" first="whatever" >}} * initAlbumNanoGallery * dir: dir for current album, for example, the album dir chengdu in source code is at content/album/chengdu, then you should give dir="content/album/chengdu". {{<initAlbumNanoGallery dir="album_dir">}} * initAlbumSlider * dir: same as initAlbumNanoGallery. {{<initAlbumSlider dir="album_dir">}} * filelist * will list a table showing each file's info under the given dir. {{filelist dir="dir"}}