Issue #142 resolved

evil-mode not turned on in current master

Shuai Lin
created an issue

When my emacs finished startup, evil mode is already on. But with the latest commit, It does not work. I need to M-x evil-mode manually to turn evil-mode on.

So I checkouted the previous commit (git checkout HEAD^) , It works again.

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  1. Frank Fischer repo owner
    • changed status to open

    I can't reproduce that. Did you call (evil-mode 1) in your .emacs? Did you recompile evil after upgrade (run make in evil's source directory)?

  2. Shuai Lin reporter

    I did call (evil-mode 1), and recompile evil.

    Evil mode is deactivated in all the buffers loaded by desktop-save-mode from last session. However, when I open a new buffer, I found evil-mode is on.

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