emacs --daemon and open file in ex mode broken

Anonymous avatarAnonymous created an issue

Have latest git code. Run emacs in daemon mode and run emacsclient in terminal (emacsclient -t). Try to open new file via ex, e.g. ':e ~/foo.'.

Here emacs get confused and ex mode stops to work; you can't quit emacs nor execute anything unless typed C-x C-c.


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  1. Frank Fischer

    I can't reproduce that. Which emacs version do you use? What happens if you start the server in evil's source directory with

    emacs -Q -L . -l evil.el --eval "(evil-mode 1)" --daemon

    (this loads nothing but evil)?

  2. Frank Fischer

    Fix initialization advice for minibuffers.

    Evil should never be active in minibuffers. The advice `evil-mode-check-buffers' (re)initializes evil in certain buffers, but incorrectly activated evil in the minibuffer.

    This fixes #219. This fixes #220.

    → <<cset 661cbbb7cb66>>

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