Issue #224 wontfix

"G" behavior differs from Vim

Anonymous created an issue

"G" implements 'evil-goto-line'. With no argument, this command jumps to the last line in the file. In Vim, the last line is scrolled to the bottom of the window (so the cursor is on the last line of the buffer). In Evil, the last line is scrolled to the center of the window (so the cursor is in the middle of the buffer, and there is a half page of blank lines below it).

"G" with no arguments should leave the cursor on the bottom of the buffer. The "expected" behaviour can be observed now by issuing the command "G zb".

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  1. topher200

    I don't know if wontfix is the correct resolution for this problem. Using emacs and evil-mode defaults, the behavior is different than vim's. Shouldn't the default behavior match vim's? Whether that involves a change to evil-move's functionality or if evil-mode should set that value I'm not sure, but just because I've solved the problem for myself doesn't mean it's the best resolution for this issue.

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