Issue #268 resolved

evil-resize-window is slow

Scott Determan avatarScott Determan created an issue

Commands like c-w_ and c-w| seem to take a very long time. I looked at the code and the function evil-resize-window is coded in a way that calls enlarge-window (or shrink-window) once for every requested size delta. I'm sure there is a reason it is coded this way, but it makes commands c-w_ uncomfortably slow.

In my local version, I changed this function so it calls enlarge-window once for a requested delta. With this chance c-w_ and c-w| are much faster.

Comments (3)

  1. Frank Fischer

    Improve performance of evil-resize-window (fix #268)

    In Emacs <= 23 the function enlarge-window may delete other windows. Because of this evil-resize-window changed the size of a window in steps of one, checking whether the window configuration changed. This may be very inefficient.

    In Emacs 24 enlarge-window does not delete other windows anymore, so we can use this function directly. In Emacs 23 we use inhibit-redisplay to prevent Emacs from redisplaying during the resizing process, which should improve the performance.

    → <<cset 8f3a5f66ffa6>>

  2. Frank Fischer

    The reason for this was the strange behaviour of enlarge-window in Emacs 23 to possibly delete other windows. It would be nice if you could check if the performance problem still occurs in Emacs 23, too.

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