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Yanking and killing text does not work with cua's global mark

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With emacs 22.1 and above, cua is integrated. To activate it, evaluate {{{ (cua-selection-mode t) }}}

With cua comes the global mark. You activate it using C-S-space. Then, any text that is typed, killed or yanked goes to the global mark. To try it, you can do: switch to a scratch buffer enable the global mark (C-S-space) switch to another buffer go to emacs mode (C-z) enter some text, it will not appear in the buffer but at the global mark select some text (C-space, move around) and yank it (M-w), it will go to the global mark select some text and cut it (C-w), it will go to the global mark note that killing text using C-k does not send it to the global mark

In evil mode, things work as expected for typing: commands in normal mode do not change the global mark, text in insert mode is inserted at the global mark. However, text that is yanked or killed in normal mode is not sent to the mark. (I tried "dw", "yiw", using visual mode and 'y'.)

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