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Issue #107 resolved

evil-open-above mangles org-mode links

created an issue

To reproduce, switch a buffer to org-mode (M-x org-mode) and create a link by typing {{{ foo }}}

Now compare: {{{ (beginning-of-line) (open-line 1) ;; opens line above as expected }}}


{{{ (beginning-of-line) (evil-open-above 1) ;; mangles org-link; ;;if you switch back to the fundamental mode you'll see that the line was opened as ;; [[ ;; foo]] }}}

Comments (2)

  1. Frank Fischer repo owner

    Prevent `evil-open-above' from mangling Org-mode links

    Ensure that `evil-move-beginning-of-line'/`evil-move-end-of-line' move to the very beginning/end of the line with an extra call to `beginning-of-line'/`end-of-line'. This fixes #107.

    Wiki macro error: Changeset f8903b1cd43e not found.

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