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Issue #113 resolved

evil-ex-completion conflict with ido-ubiquitous

created an issue

It appears that ido-ubiquitous uses ido-completing-read instead of completing read which causes evil-ex to barf saying

{{{ Symbols function definition is void: evil-ex-completion }}}

This is easily fixable by doing,

{{{ (ido-ubiquitous-disable-in evil-ex) }}}

but it seems like it wants to allow ido-like completion in ex mode.

Anyways, I'm not sure the proper way to proceed here -- i.e., should ido-ubiquitous add evil-ex automatically or should evil-mode do it?

Either way, it's something that should get fixed?

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  1. Frank Fischer repo owner

    Use `read-from-minibuffer' instead of `completing-read' in ex

    The new completion code does not depend on the behavior of `completing-read' anymore but is based on `completion-at-point'. Thus `read-from-minibuffer' is the correct function to be used to read from the minibuffer. This fixes issue #113.

    Wiki macro error: Changeset 0c8c32cc5ffa not found.

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