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Issue #12 resolved

Ctrl-o $ from insert mode does not move cursor all the way to end of line

Anonymous created an issue

Hi, I love evil so far! I've noticed though that typing Ctrl-o $ in insert mode falls short of the end of line. Ctrl-o 0 seems to behave as expected and moves cursor to beginning of line. Thanks!

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  1. Vegard Øye

    It depends on how we understand the function of CTRL-O. If its purpose is to execute a command in Normal state, the current behavior would be logical, since the end-of-line behavior is a feature of that state. On the other hand, if we understand it as "just use the keybindings of Normal state for the next command", then the state will still be perceived as Insert state (and $ can adjust its behavior accordingly).

    I can't find anything in Vim's documentation which settles the issue (and playing with edge cases didn't yield very consistent behavior either), but changing the implementation is trivial.

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