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Issue #146 open

viper style cw, ct<char>, etc

Anonymous created an issue

I am new to evil mode, after using viper for many years. I like evil mode and suspect it will be the preferred vi/vim mode in the future. I am switching in part to force myself to learn vim enhancements to vi (I like visual mode especially). However, I find the vim/evil style of cw, ct, cf, etc commands to be much inferior to the viper way. The immediate deletion of what is to be changed is disorienting. The viper way highlights what is to be changed, which makes it much easier to see if I got the right piece. Also, seeing what was there before is often helpful while inputting the change. Is it possible that the viper way could be implemented and turned on with a config variable? Or maybe I missed how to do this already?

Thanks, Bob

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