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Issue #150 resolved

Selecting text in minibuffer causes odd state behavior

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{{{ I entered the minibuffer by: M-x load-file I'm then given a default path which I want to delete. I decided to select it using: Shift-Home

The selection put me in an unintuitive non insert state in the minibuffer. When using Vim I've never witnessed its minibuffer show bimodal behavior.

To see if this was perhaps a feature rather than a bug, I tried the same thing in the editting buffer. A Shift-Home Unlike the minibuffer, this sequence kept me in the insert state. This inconsistency leads me to think the minibuffer behavior is a bug. }}}

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  1. Frank Fischer repo owner

    Register visual hooks only in buffers with activated evil

    The function `evil-visual-activate-hook' is registered must be registered as `activate-mark-hook'. This should happen only localy in buffers where evil is activated. Otherwise the activation of the region could enable evil (in visual state) even in buffers that should not have evil enabled (e.g., the minibuffer).

    The old behavior registered this hook globally. Not it is a buffer-local hook. This fixes #150.

    Wiki macro error: Changeset 4f1dc70d2abc not found.

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