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Issue #167 resolved

Writing to file and repeat ring

created an issue

I find that writing to file can cause me to lose the repeat ring contents.

File foo.py: {{{



print( 'Hello' ) }}}

Append "xxx" to "foo": {{{A}}} {{{xxx}}} {{{ESC}}}

Go down and append again: {{{j.}}} . It works.

Save the file: {{{:w}}}

Repeat insertion: {{{.}}} . Point moves down a line but no text is inserted. I expected instead another "xxx" appended to "barxxx".

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  1. Frank Fischer repo owner

    Make `exit-minibuffer' abort repeat recording

    When something is done in the minibuffer, which is another buffer than the current one, repeating is *very* difficult. We simply stop recording when an `exit-minibuffer' command occurs. This addresses issue #167.

    Wiki macro error: Changeset 374ea7a251a4 not found.

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