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Issue #176 resolved

Entered debugger from normal state, exitted debugger to insert state

created an issue

In my .emacs: {{{(delete 'debugger-mode evil-emacs-state-modes)}}}

In the scratch buffer, insert {{{(debug)}}}, then escape to normal state. With cursor on closing paren, execute eval-last-sexp. Editor enters the debugger, normal state. Hit {{{\q}}} to quit the debugger. Editor exits the debugger and returns to the scratch buffer, in the insert state. But I expected the normal state since that was what I was last in.

Comments (4)

  1. epich reporter

    I checked whether this bug still exists. The current behavior is different, it now exits out of the debugger into the correct Evil state as expected. The only thing is an error:

    Error in post-command-hook (evil-execute-in-emacs-state): (error "Selecting deleted buffer")
  2. Frank Fischer repo owner

    Ensure emacs-state-buffer is alive when finishing emacs-state command

    The command executed in emacs-state may have deleted the buffer. In this case the attempt to select that buffer in `evil-execute-in-emacs-state' will raise an error. We now ensure that the buffer is still alive.

    This fixes #176.

    → <<cset 8727e1a9ea08>>

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