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Issue #178 resolved

emacs 24.1 cperl and evil-mode hang on evil-ret

Jean-Christophe Petkovich
created an issue

With the new change to syntax-propertize it seems that evil-ret hangs when adding a newline to a perl file contianing POD documentation after an END tag when using cperl-mode.

Steps to reproduce:

Start emacs 24.1 with emacs -Q and the following configuration:


;; evil-error-reproduce.el: (defalias 'perl-mode 'cperl-mode) (add-to-list 'load-path "<path to evil>") (require 'evil) (evil-mode 1) ;; end evil-error-reproduce.el


Once this config is evaluated, open a .pl file which has POD after END like the following:



print "hello world";


=head1 NAME


and open a newline after the print statement with evil-ret (bound to RET when in insert mode by default). Some things I've noticed:

  • stepping it through with Edebug alleviates the problem, it has to be run at full speed, so there is some hint of some kind of timing related issue.

  • expanding the definition of evil-ret using macroexpand and removing the evil narrow call seems to fix it? Not sure what is happening there.

  • removing the call to (newline count) also seems to fix the problem, again I'm not really sure why.

I haven't been able to get further than this in debugging this problem, at least so far.

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