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Issue #181 resolved

Using \ for M- keys causes minibuffer to enter Evil state

created an issue

When I use the {{{}}} command to execute Emacs key bindings beginning with a Meta key, the minibuffer enters an Evil state (not evil-emacs-state).

Example: {{{\M-.}}}

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  1. Frank Fischer repo owner

    Ensure `evil-execute-in-emacs-state' toggles state in original buffer

    If the Emacs command being executed changes the current buffer, e.g. activates the minibuffer, then evil toggles the state of the new buffer because this happens in a post-command-hook. This patch ensures that the original buffer (i.e. the buffer in which `evil-execute-in-emacs-state' has been called) is reset to its previous evil state. This fixes #181.

    Wiki macro error: Changeset a3172b26776c not found.

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