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Issue #194 resolved

universal-argument-more doesn't work properly

Lintaro INA
created an issue

I've noticed that universal-argument more than once does not work properly.

For example, {{{C-u C-u C-f}}} in insert-state should move cursor 16 characters forward but it does nothing. Instead, {{{C-u C-u C-f C-f}}} does. (A key just after {{{C-u C-u}}} seems to be ignored.)

Editing evil-integration.el as follows made the example work properly but I'm not sure if this breaks other things. (The tests are OK on my machine.) {{{ diff --git a/evil-integration.el b/evil-integration.el index 26e0c18..5392b00 100644 --- a/evil-integration.el +++ b/evil-integration.el @@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ '(digit-argument negative-argument universal-argument + universal-argument-more universal-argument-minus universal-argument-other-key)) (mapc #'evil-declare-not-repeat }}}