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Issue #197 resolved

Pasting after yanking to an upper case register does not work properly

Anonymous created an issue

Version: 0.1

In the scratch type 4 lines followed by an empty line Line1 Line2 Line3 Line4

Mark and yank lines 3 and 4 into register "a" Mark and yank lines 1 and 2 into register "A" After this operation register "a" seems to have the contents properly (i.e, it has lines 3 and 4 followed by lines 1 and 2)

Now paste from register "a" using "ap and the result is as follows, which is not correct. Line3 Line1 Line2 Line4

For some reason lines 1 and 2 got inserted between 3 and 4, instead of being at the end.

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  1. Frank Fischer repo owner

    Fix appending of lines to a register

    If some text is appended to a register using "aY or similar and if either to previous content or the new content has a non-trivial yank-handler, the text is appended as new lines to the register. The yank handler for the whole register content is changed to linewise, possibly adding newline characters, independently of the previous type.

    This fixes #197.

    → <<cset 68e5de73fb6f>>

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