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Issue #199 resolved

Can not copy/paste just one column in Visual Black Mode

Anonymous created an issue

Steps to reproduce bug:

Open the scratch buffer.

Paste the following code:

abcde abcde abcde abcde

Press "C-v" to select one column, for example four "b"s

Press "y" to copy the selection

Press "p", the column is not pasted

Comments (1)

  1. Frank Fischer repo owner

    Fix visual `evil-apply-on-rectangle' after line-movement

    If this function is called after a line-movement `next-line' or `previous-line' it takes `temporary goal column into account'. The column this value corresponds to is the column in which point should be placed. But because the selection is *exclusive* we have to use this value + 1 to find the correct end column of the selection. This fixes issue #199.

    Wiki macro error: Changeset e2a87f9e19e2 not found.

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