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Issue #218 resolved

evil-ex-search-forward broken; its use screws up other things as well

Christoph Lange
created an issue

I produced this using "make clean; make; make emacs" using the latest version 2b8c308c417f01dde566c235ef829f91fb2da197. The bug probably got introduced by some revision that was made (or merged into the gitorious repository) within the last two days.

How to reproduce:

  1. place the cursor at the beginning of the "scratch" buffer (e.g. using the mouse, or "gg")
  2. evil-ex-search-forward for a word known to exist, e.g. "/This".
  3. typing "T" (first letter) doesn't do anything
  4. typing "h" says "Can't find h"
  5. typing "i" switches to INSERT mode
  6. typing "s" changes the modeline to "/s" and searches forward towards the first "s".
  7. After that, the minibuffer is screwed up; you can no longer do a sane C-x b, for example.

Comments (10)

  1. Frank Fischer repo owner

    I'm not sure. But if you say evil-ex-search-forward then you use evil's own search module, right? But this should not be activated when using make emacs, instead the isearch module should be active.

    The preview button is shown right below the text-field (but only if you enter some text), at least on my machine. Anyway, the help page describing the syntax is here

  2. Christoph Lange reporter

    Hmm, interesting. When I do "make emacs" and then, after the tests have finished, press "C-h k /", it tells me that it is bound to "evil-ex-search-forward".

    BTW, 13 of the 153 tests that "make emacs" does fail for me.

    Is there any further information I could get for you from my "make emacs" session?

  3. Frank Fischer repo owner

    Ah, yes, some test-cases may activate the other search module (because it is a global option it remains active).

    Anyway, 13 failing tests is not really good, they should all succeed (and they do on my machine). Could you please show (or attach) the output of the test run here? Perhaps they contain a clue what's going on.

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