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evil-default-cursor setting should default to the set-cursor-color setting

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For those of us who prefer a dark, or black background, a black cursor is unusable. Normally, cursor color is set in .emacs with: '(set-cursor-color "#ffffff")

With Evil mode, it can only be set with: '(evil-default-cursor (quote (t "white")))

I'm not the only one confused by this. There are several discussions about setting emacs cursor-color on stack overflow. This question in particular was not solved for 2 years:

It would seem ideal to have evil-mode take the current cursor color setting as its default instead of hard-coding it to white.

Evil mode seems quite nice and the ability to do work by pressing just one key at a time, instead of using emacs chords may make my tendons happy enough to allow me to use Emacs again, which would be a great thing. Thanks for doing Evil!

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  1. JohnnyAppledev

    I was having the same problem. I've fixed it. The problem was with evil-cursor-refresh, and evil-default-cursor. It seems that evil-default-cursor was getting reset every time you changed themes to "black". Even hard setting this caused some problems.

    Considering the cursor should respect the theme's settings, I've removed evil-default cursor all together, and fixed line in evil-cursor-refresh.

    I've never submitted a patch to a major repo before. So bear with me with I figure it out.

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