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Issue #64 invalid

. repeat command should not repeat non-visual movement operations

Anonymous created an issue

If I do apply some text modification, move to another block of text, press {{{.}}}, the movement operation is repeated instead of the text modification. This is different from Vim.

[[http://gitorious.org/evil/evil/trees/23e1dde553dd|evil revision in use]]

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  1. Frank Fischer repo owner

    Sorry, but this is a quite useless bug report. Please provide a complete (but minimal) key sequence that illustrates the problem. Otherwise it's impossible even to understand what you mean (often the best way is to start from a fresh clean Emacs instance, type make emacs or make terminal in evil's source directory). I marked this report as invalid, but feel free to change its status back to open if you can provide a full (reproducable) description of the bug.

    In general motions are not recorded for repeation. The problem is that it's impossible to detect whether an Emacs function performs a motion or an editing command. Therefore each command that is a motion must be marked so, otherwise evil assumes it's an editing command. The customizable variable evil-motions contains a list of all (non-evil) Emacs commands that are regarded as motions. It should contain most standard motions, but can certainly never be complete. The problem you encounter may rise from the fact that the motion you invoked is not listed in that variable.

  2. Anonymous

    Not sure if this is an appropriate way to report this, but: one missing motion command which seems like a fairly big omission is mwheel-scroll.

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