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Issue #77 resolved

evil-shell-command not insert output in buffer

Titus von der Malsburg
created an issue

When I do {{{:.!ps}}} in the scratch buffer after starting with {{{make emacs}}} the output of the ps command is correctly inserted in the current line. However, when I start a new file or open an existing file, e.g., {{{:e /tmp/test.bib}}} the same command shows the output of ps in a separate buffer instead of inserting it in the current line.

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  1. Frank Fischer repo owner

    Ensure `evil-shell-command' recognizes non-range case from ex correctly (fixes #77)

    If the last line of a buffer is empty, i.e., the buffer ends with a newline character, and point is placed on that line the command :.!<cmd> calls `evil-shell-command' with an empty range. The old behavior falsely interprets this case as :!<cmd>, i.e., as no range given. The new behavior is to check explicitly if `evil-ex-range' is nil.

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