vim-mode / vim-keymap.el

;;; vim-keymap.el - Basic keymapping for vim-mode

;; Copyright (C) 2009, 2010 Frank Fischer

;; Author: Frank Fischer <>,
;; This file is not part of GNU Emacs.

;;; Code:

(provide 'vim-keymap)

(defun* vim:map (keys command &key (keymap nil))
  "Maps the sequence of events `keys' to a `command' in a certain
  (define-key keymap keys command))

(defun vim:make-keymap (&optional parent)
  "Creates a new keymap with a certain `parent' keymap."
  (let ((kmap (make-sparse-keymap)))
    (when parent (set-keymap-parent kmap parent))

(defconst vim:override-keymap (make-keymap)
  "Global parent keymap to override some Emacs default bindings.")
(suppress-keymap vim:override-keymap)
(vim:map (kbd "ESC ESC ESC")
         (lambda ()
           "Exits any VIM mode and returns to normal-mode."
         :keymap vim:override-keymap)

;; TODO: This function is currently empty and serves only as hook for
;; defadvice.
(defun vim:reset-key-state ()
  "Resets the current internal key-state."

(vim:deflocalvar vim:current-key-sequence nil
  "The key-sequence of the current command.")

(vim:deflocalvar vim:new-buffer nil
  "The buffer the be made current at the end of key-handline.")

(defun vim:clear-key-sequence ()
  "Clears the internal log of key-sequences."
  (setq vim:current-key-sequence nil))

;;; vim-keymap.el ends here
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