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== What is //flv_download// ==

**Flash Video Download** (flv_download) is a Google Chrome extension allowing to
download flash videos from web sites (like dailymotion or xhamster).

Download the latest version (.crx file) from the [[|Downloads]] page.

You might wish to first uninstall the version from Chrome Extension gallery if you were using it...

The extension will then auto-update itself, as any Chrome extension.

== How to use //flv_download// ==

Click on the button to download the flv video of the currently active tab.

An orange badge is shown when a known site is detected (you can still try
the generic downloader on other sites).

List of supported sites below, if you need another site supported, open a new
proposal issue (see menu above), I'll do my best ;)

== Supported sites ==

Recenty added: Veoh, West Coast Prod, Wisevid, Flip Video, ...