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Fix call to installpkg to make it slackware compattible

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 # Install the stuff
 for component in $PKGLIST; do
-	$INSTALLPKG -R $_ROOT $cache_base/$component-*.t?z || exit 1
+	$INSTALLPKG --root $_ROOT $cache_base/$component-*.t?z || exit 1
 # Fix the init system in the container
     cat <<EOF
 $1 -h|--help -p|--path=<path>
+Creates LXC containers for Vectorlinux and VLocity versions 7.0 and later.
+Behaviour control:  Set the following variables to alter behaviour
+  Set this to the Vector or VLocity version you want to create container for.
+  Set this to which ever architecture the container should be
+VL_VERSION="7.0" VL_ARCH="i586" $0 -n container_name -t vector
+^^ That would create a vector 7.0 i586 container ^^
+See lxc-create --help for more.
     return 0