Moises Henriquez committed 191cf93

dev-base remove kernel-headers because it is EXCLUDED on the default configuration. This creates a problem. Remove version control programs

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 ADDRB=${ADDRB:-"m4, gcc, gcc-g++, intltool, pkg-config, llvm, \
 	gdb, cmake, perl, pmake, python, ruby, \
-	gettext-tools, gperf, git, mercurial, \
+	gettext-tools, gperf, \
 	strace, swig, binutils, \
-	bison, dev86, flex, kernel-headers, make, mpfr, libmpc, requiredbuilder
+	bison, dev86, flex, make, mpfr, libmpc, requiredbuilder
 	"} #Add deps that need to be added to the slack-required file here
 EXRB=${EXRB:-""} #Add deps that need to be excluded from the slack-required file here