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+# If you are building a KDE-related app, then change the following
+# arguments in the script below:
+# --prefix=$(kde-config -prefix) \
+# --sysconfdir=/etc/kde \
+# Making these changes will ensure that your package will build in the
+# correct path and that it will work seamlessly within the KDE environment.
+echo "Configuring source..."
+[%- UNLESS noconfig %]
+[%- SET configure = 
+'scons \
+PREFIX=/usr \
+LIBDIR=/usr/lib${LIBDIRSUFFIX} || exit 1' %]
+[%- END %]
+[% configure %]
+scons \
+PREFIX=/usr \
+DESTDIR=$PKG install || exit 1


 echo "Extracting source..."
 tar xvf $CWD/$NAME-$VERSION.tar.* || exit 1
 #this moves whatever was extracted to the std dirname we are expecting
-mv * $NAME-$VERSION &> /dev/null
+mv * $NAME-$VERSION &> /dev/null 2>&1
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