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+.\" Process this file with
+.\" goff -man -Tascii manpage.1
+.TH VASM 1 "November 2011" vasm "User Manual"
+vasm \- Vectorlinux Administration and Advanced System Menu.
+.B vasm [-i
+.I interface
+.B -l 
+.I loglevel ]
+.B vasm
+Vectorlinux's Administration & System Menu
+System configuration tool for vectorlinux.  Offers a graphical and
+text inteface for system configuration.  This is a complete rewrite of
+the tool in python with goals to provide greater modularity for maintainability
+and support localization and internationalization along with tighter
+integration with the distro's installer and overall system.  
+The prior vasm has been renamed and moved to vasm-legacy and will remain
+on the vectorlinux system for your convinience (and nostalgia).
+.IP "-i interface"
+Force the specified user interface.  The default behaviour is to
+try to launch the graphical interface.  If that fails, the text interface
+will be launched.  The default behavious is overriden by using the -i argument.
+Valid options are "gui" or "tui"
+Both interfaces are designed to be similar in appearance.  Both display settings
+categories on the left of the screen, and the different groups and options on the
+While in text mode, use the tab and arrow keys to navigate the screen.  Use
+the space bar and Enter key to select, you may also use the + and - keys to increase
+or decrease the value of a numerical widget.
+.IP "-l loglevel"
+Set the logging level to the specified value.  The default value is 0 which limits
+logging to only fatal errors.  0 is the most quiet value, while 4 is the loudest.
+Setting a value of 4 will produce lots of data in /var/log/vasm.log
+.I /usr/bin/vasm
+.I /var/log/vasm.log
+Moises Henriquez <m0e.lnx at gmail dot com>
+.B GNU General Public License Version 3