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Jason Pierce  committed e41640f

Bump pkgver to 3.0a1.
Remove checksums. To be added in next commit after tag 3.0a1.

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 # Contributor: pierce.jason [VL7]
 pkgdesc="Vectorlinux's Administration & System Menu (Alpha release). System configuration tool for both TUI and GUI. Complete rewrite of vasm with goals to provide greater modularity for maintainability and support for localization and internationalization, and tighter integration with the distro installer and the system itself. The prior vasm (renamed and moved to vasm-legacy) will remain installed on the system for your convenience."
 depends=( 'python' 'pyparted' 'python-pexpect' 'psutil' 'vasm-legacy' 'pygtk' 'urwid' 'gparted' )
 ADDRB="python, pyparted, python-pexpect, psutil, vasm-legacy, pygtk, gparted, urwid"
-#ADDRB="pyparted, python-pexpect, psutil"
 optdepends=(	"urwid: Needed for tui (commandline) interface"
-		"gparted: Not yet in 64bit repo"
+		"pygtk: Needed for gui interface"
+		"gparted: Not yet in 64bit repo, only needed in gui"
 		"vasm-legacy: The tried and true bash vasm") # Manually mirror to slack-suggests
 makedepends=( 'setuptools' ) # Manually install before buildinging package
 build() {
-	cd $srcdir/$_hgrepo-$pkgname-$pkgver;
-	#cd $srcdir/$pkgname-$pkgver;
+#	cd $srcdir/$_hgrepo-$pkgname-$pkgver;
+	cd $srcdir/$pkgname-$pkgver;
 	echo $PWD;ls;
 	python setup.py install --root="$pkgdir/";