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.TH VASM 1 "November 2011" vasm "User Manual"
vasm \- Vectorlinux Administration and Advanced System Menu.
.B vasm [-i
.I interface
.B -l 
.I loglevel ]
.B vasm
Vectorlinux's Administration & System Menu

System configuration tool for vectorlinux.  Offers a graphical and
text inteface for system configuration.  This is a complete rewrite of
the tool in python with goals to provide greater modularity for maintainability
and support localization and internationalization along with tighter
integration with the distro's installer and overall system.  
The prior vasm has been renamed and moved to vasm-legacy and will remain
on the vectorlinux system for your convinience (and nostalgia).

.IP "-i interface"
Force the specified user interface.  The default behaviour is to
try to launch the graphical interface.  If that fails, the text interface
will be launched.  The default behavious is overriden by using the -i argument.
Valid options are "gui" or "tui"

Both interfaces are designed to be similar in appearance.  Both display settings
categories on the left of the screen, and the different groups and options on the

While in text mode, use the tab and arrow keys to navigate the screen.  Use
the space bar and Enter key to select, you may also use the + and - keys to increase
or decrease the value of a numerical widget.

.IP "-l loglevel"
Set the logging level to the specified value.  The default value is 0 which limits
logging to only fatal errors.  0 is the most quiet value, while 4 is the loudest.
Setting a value of 4 will produce lots of data in /var/log/vasm.log
.I /usr/bin/vasm
.I /var/log/vasm.log
Moises Henriquez <m0e.lnx at gmail dot com>
.B GNU General Public License Version 3