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Full commit
* 3.0a2-noarch-1vl70
	- NEW manpage.
	- NEW networking module.
	- Fix bugs in user-management, bootloaders, partitioning, services.
	- Fix/add images in multiple modules in the GUI interface.
	- Fix junk *.pyc files when escalating privileges.
	- Fixed high CPU usage in
	- Extend automated testing in code.
	- Normalized module filenames.
* 3.0a1-noarch-1vl70
	- Full rewrite, using python instead of bash.
	- Modular code using seperate directories for backend, and gui/tui presentation layers.
	- All modules must be accessed through `vasm` rather than calling directly.
	- Main code automatically detects new modules when placed in the correct locations.
	- Executable moved from /bin to /usr/bin because of dependency on python.
	- The old vasm is available as /bin/vasm-legacy supplied by the vasm-legacy package.
* 7.0-noarch-3vl70
	- Remove etc/sudoers for real this time. Forgot to do the rm on 2vl70.
	- (* Note prior changes *)
* 7.0-noarch-2vl70
	- Fix sudo misconfiguration leading to local privilege escalation. Sudo access to vasm changed from group "users" to group "sys".
	- Removed etc/sudoers file from package.
	- Moved sudo configs related to this package into etc/sudoers.d/vasm
	- (* Security fix *)
	- pkg://vlconfig2