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' Gambas module file

'    This file is part of vinstall-ng

'    vinstall-ng is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
'    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
'    the Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License, or
'    (at your option) any later version.

'    vinstall-ng  is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
'    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
'    GNU General Public License for more details.

'    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
'    along with vinstall-ng.  If not, see <>.


  DIM sHelp AS String
  ' Message.Info("Help system not yet complete. Try again later" & "<br>" &
  ' DEBUG "Fixme: Help system needs to be implemented" & Space(1) & "Called from " &
    CASE "Step0"
      sHelp = ("Select the language and keyboard you would like to use throughout the installer.") & "<br>" &
              ("These settings will be preserved and used as default locales to the installed system.")
    CASE "Step1"
      sHelp = ("Available installation sources are listed in the dropdown menu. The description installable media is displayed in the grid below it.") & "<br>" &
      ("If you have inserted a new install CD, click the") & Space(1) & "\"" & Step1.btRescan.Text & "\"" & Space(1) & ("button to scan the system again") & "<br><br>" &
      "<b>" & ("THE INSTALLER DIDN'T FIND ANY INSTALL MEDIA") & "</b><br>" &
      ("If the installer did not find any installation media, please make sure your downloaded iso images are moved to the top directory of any partition in the system.")&
      Space(1) & ("You may also specify a path to an iso image yourself by clicking the 'Browse' button")
    CASE "Step3"
      sHelp = "<b>" & Step3.rbCustomPart.Text & "</b> - " & ("Select this option if you need to resize or create partitions for your new") & Space(1) & Main.Install.Name & Space(1) & ("installation.")& 
      ("You will be presented with the GParted interface to help you perform these tasks easily.")&
      "<br><br>" &
      "<b>" & Step3.rbPrePartitioned.Text & "</b> - " & ("Select this option if you already have existing partitions that you want to use for your") & Space(1)&
      Main.Install.Name & Space(1) & ("installation.")
    CASE "Step5"
      sHelp = "<b>" & "GParted" & "</b><br>" &
      ("Use this application to resize, move or create partitions.") & "<br><br>" &
      "<b>" & ("You must click the \"Apply\" button to save your changes to the disk.") & "</b><br><br>" &
      "<b>" & ("When you are done, select \"Quit\" from the \"GParted\" menu to continue with the installation.") & "</b>"
    CASE "Step6"
      sHelp = ("An ideal linux installation requires a minimum of 3 partitions. A /, a /home and a swap partition.") & "<br><br>" &
      ("In this step, you can select which partitions to use, and how to use them. If you select a filesystem, the partition will be formatted, and all existing data will be destroyed.") & "<br>" &
      ("You may choose not to format your /home partition if you wish to import existing user accounts into your new installation.")
    CASE "Step7"
      sHelp = ("Choose one of these installation modes.") & "<br><br>" &
      ("If this is your first time installing") & Space(1) & Main.Install.Name & ", " & ("you may want to do a complete installation.")
    CASE "Step7a"
      sHelp = ("About Major Components") & "<br><br>" &
      ("These are optional major components of") & Space(1) & Main.Install.Name & Space(1) & ("system.") & "<br><br>" &
      ("All of these are optional, however, keep in mind that many programs in the linux system depend upon the X11 collection. Choosing not to install the X11 collection will result in a command-line only system") & "<br>" &
      ("You may select which components to install by clicking their name or the box to its left.")
    CASE "Step7b"
      sHelp = ("Select which additional software packages to install.") & "<br><br>" &
      ("You may select a commponent by clicking their name or the box to their left")
    CASE "Step8"
      sHelp = ("This is a summary of all the options you have selected for installation.") & "<br><br>" &
      ("You may expand the items on this treeview to view details about partitions and software selection") & "<br>" &
      "<b>" & ("If you need to make changes to any of these values, this is your last chance.") & "</b>"
    CASE "Step9" 
      sHelp = Main.Install.Name & Space(1) & Main.Install.Version & Space(1) & ("is now being installed to your system.") & "<br>" &
      ("This process may take a while depending on your install options and system hardware. You will be prompted when the installation is complete")&
      "<br><br>" & ("Visit us at") & Space(1) & "" & Space(1) & ("to thank the developers if you like their work")
    CASE "Conf0"
      sHelp = ("Select which bootloader to use on your system") & "<br>" &
        ("Using a bootloader allows you to use more than one operating system on a single computer system.") & "<br>" &
        ("All other existing operating systems on this computer have been detected and listed here.") & "<br>" &
        ("You may choose \"NONE\" to skip this step if you know exactly what you are doing.")
    CASE "Conf1"
      sHelp = ("Select the timezone for the area where you live.") & "<br>" &
      ("This determines how your system clock behaves.")
    CASE "Conf2"
      sHelp = ("The linux root account is considered the system asministrator's account.") & "<br><br>" &
      ("This step of the install proces lets you setup the root password.") & "<br>" &
      ("For enhanced security, select combination of letters and numbers. Should be something easy for you to remember, yet hard for others to guess.") & "<br><br>" &
      ("You must enter the same password twice.")
    CASE "Conf3"
      sHelp = ("Create as many user accounts as you want or need in this step by filling out the form and clicking the") & Space(1) & Conf3.btAddUsr.Text & Space(1) & ("button.") & "<br><br>" &
       ("You may also import any existing user accounts by clicking the") & Space(1) & Conf3.btSel.Text & Space(1) & ("button.")
    CASE "Conf4"
      sHelp = ("Basic network settings.") & "<br><br>" &
      ("You may setup your hostname and domain name for this machine in this step.") & "<br>" &
      ("More advanced networking options including wireless networking will be available on first boot") & "<br><br>" &
      ("If in doubt, the default settings will work for most configurations.")
    CASE "Conf5"
      sHelp = ("Select which system services to start on system start-up") & "<br><br>" &
      ("The most common services are enabled by default. If you need any additional services, you may enable / disable them here")
    CASE "FDone"
      sHelp = Main.Install.Name & Space(1) & Main.Install.Version & Space(1) & ("is now installed on your computer.") & "<br><br>" &
      ("It is time to reboot your system and test your new installation.") & "<br>" &
      ("You may also choose to reboot at a later time")
      sHelp = ("No help available") & "<br>" &
  RETURN sHelp

PUBLIC FUNCTION Get_Step_Title(fCurrStep AS Object) AS String
  DIM sres AS String
      CASE "Step0"
        sres = ("Select your language")
      CASE "Step1"
        sres = ("Select installation source")
      CASE "Step2" ' not used
        sres = ("Check installation source for consistancy")
      CASE "Step3"
        sres = ("Disk Partitioning Options")
      CASE "Step5"
        sres = ("Editing partitions using GParted")
      CASE "Step6"
        sres = ("Select Target Partitions")
      CASE "Step7"
        sres = ("Select Install Method")
      CASE "Step7a"
        sres = ("Select Software packages (Bulks)")
      CASE "Step7b"
        sres = ("Select optional software")
      CASE "Step8"
        sres = ("Installation summary")
      CASE "Step9"
        sres = ("Installation in progress")
      CASE "Conf0"
        sres = ("Bootloader Configuration")
      CASE "Conf1"
        sres = ("System Timezone configuration")
      CASE "Conf2"
        sres = ("System Administrator Password")
      CASE "Conf3"
        sres = ("Add / Import user accounts")
      CASE "Conf4"
        sres = ("Basic network configuration")
      CASE "Conf5"
        sres = ("System services")
      CASE "FDone"
        sres = ("Installation is complete")
      CASE ELSE 
        sres =
    RETURN sres