Moises Henriquez avatar Moises Henriquez committed 01712ea

Fixed bug with a missing space in buildutils

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         if descuri.startswith('/'):
                 "\n +++ Copying package description from %s\n"% descuri)
-            return shutil.copy2(descuri, workdir)
+            return shutil.copy2(descuri, os.path.join(workdir, 'slack-desc'))
                 "\n +++ Downloading package description from %s\n"% descuri)


             raise MissingSourcesHomeError
         cm = 'sbbuilder --package=%s --version=%s --type=%s'% (,
                 self.ver, self.builder) + \
-                '--build=%s --user=%s --link=%s --configure_options="%s"'% (buildno,
+                ' --build=%s --user=%s --link=%s --configure_options="%s"'% (buildno,
                         packager,, config)
         proc = bottools.Execute(cm)


 requiredbuilder >= 0.16.2
 autoconf >= 2.65
 make >= 3.82
-perl >= 5.12.3
+perl >= 5.12.3
+psutil >= 0.2.0
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