Moises Henriquez committed 37deca8

restored shutil import

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 import os
 import sqlite3
 import urllib2
+import shutil
 __author__ = 'M0E-lnx'
         gtk.Window.__init__(self, gtk.WINDOW_TOPLEVEL)
         self.connect('destroy', self._exit)
-        self.set_icon_from_file('data/vpackager.png')
+        datadir = os.path.join(
+                os.getcwd(),'data')
+        self.set_icon_from_file(os.path.join(
+            datadir, 'vpackager.png'))
         self.set_size_request(950, 500)
         self.body = gtk.VBox()
         # make sure the db is ok


         hsrc = gtk.HBox()
         self.srcentry = gtk.Entry()
+        self.srcentry.set_tooltip_text('Enter path or URL')
         self.srcentry.connect('changed', self._src_entry_event)
         hsrc.pack_start(self.srcentry, True, True, 2)
         self.btBrowse = vButton(stock=gtk.STOCK_OPEN,
         hbdesc = gtk.HBox()
         self.descEntry = gtk.Entry()
+        self.descEntry.set_tooltip_text('Enter path or URL')
         self.descEntry.connect('changed', self._descURI_change)
         btDescBrowse = vButton(stock=gtk.STOCK_OPEN, label='Browse')
         btDescBrowse.connect('clicked', self._desc_browse)
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