Moises Henriquez committed a9f5035

Fixed job rebuilding from history to set the source type to the last value used, changed the install package command to upgrade an existing package rather than just install it

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         if not fullpath:
             raise PackageNotFoundError
-        return bottools.Execute('installpkg %s'% fullpath)
+        return bottools.Execute('upgradepkg --install-new %s'% fullpath)
     def makeSlackBuild(self, buildno='1', packager=_packager,
         if not pkgpath:
             raise PackageNotFoundError
-        return bottools.Execute('installpkg %s'% pkgpath)
+        return bottools.Execute('upgradepkg --install-new %s'% pkgpath)
     def buildSlackBuild(self, config=""):


         if info['patches'] not in (
             '', None, 'None'):
+        # figure out the source type and set the correct value on the
+        # drop box
+        _type = info['type']
+        if _type == 'autotools':
+            _typeid = 1
+        elif _type == 'python':
+            _typeid = 2
+        elif _type == 'cmake':
+            _typeid = 3
+        elif _type == 'perl':
+            _typeid = 4
+        elif _type == 'waf':
+            _typeid = 5
+        else:
+            _typeid = 0
+        # Set the dropbox value to the determined source type
+        dia.srcTypeSel.set_active(_typeid)
+        # Set the install? checkbox value
         response =
         if response == gtk.RESPONSE_OK:
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