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  2. vpackager


vpackager / src / vpackager / dbutils.py

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File src/vpackager/dbutils.py

             return False
         return True
+    def _cleanup_history(self):
+        """ Make sure all packages that did not finish correctly are marked
+        as failed"""
+        db, cursor = self._open()
+        cursor.execute('''UPDATE history SET result="Fail" WHERE result="Running"''')
+        db.commit()
+        self.close()
+        self.notify(self.GetHistory(), group='history')
     def CreateTables(self):
         """Create the essential tables for the vpackager environment. Should
         only need to be ran once"""
             result from history where result="Success"'''
         elif filter in ('failed', 'Failed'):
             sql = ''' select id, app, ver, release, buildstart, buildend,
-            result from history where result="Failed"'''
+            result from history where result="Fail"'''
             return self.notify(self.GetHistory(), group='history')