vpackager / src / vpackager / dbviews.py

Diff from to


             self.rc_menu.popup(None, None, None, event.button, event.time)
     def Refresh_Toolbar_Status(self):
             'sensitive', self._selectedjob is not None)
             group = self.exposed_widgets['filter_all'], label='Successful')
         self.exposed_widgets['filter_failed'] = gtk.RadioButton(
             group = self.exposed_widgets['filter_all'], label='Failed')
-        lb = gtk.Label('Filter: ')
+        lb = gtk.Label('Search history: ')
+        self.exposed_widgets['searchbox'] = guitools.SearchBox()
         box.pack_start(self.exposed_widgets['wipe_history'], False, False, 2)
-        box.pack_end(self.exposed_widgets['filter_failed'], False, False, 2)
-        box.pack_end(self.exposed_widgets['filter_successful'], False, False, 2)
-        box.pack_end(self.exposed_widgets['filter_all'], False, False, 2)
-        box.pack_end(lb, False, False, False)
+        #box.pack_end(self.exposed_widgets['filter_failed'], False, False, 2)
+        #box.pack_end(self.exposed_widgets['filter_successful'], False, False, 2)
+        #box.pack_end(self.exposed_widgets['filter_all'], False, False, 2)
+        box.pack_start(lb, False, False, 8)
+        searchbox = guitools.SearchBox()
+        box.pack_start(self.exposed_widgets['searchbox'], True, True, 2)
         return box
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