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Diff from to


         self.menu_actions = {}
         for item in items:
-            self.menu_actions[
-                item.replace(' ','_').lower()] = gtk.MenuItem(item)
-            mitem = self.menu_actions[item.replace(' ', '_').lower()]
+            #self.menu_actions[
+            #    item.replace(' ','_').lower()] = gtk.ImageMenuItem(item)
+            mitem = gtk.ImageMenuItem(item[0])
+            mimg = gtk.image_new_from_stock(item[1], gtk.ICON_SIZE_MENU)
+            mitem.set_image(mimg)
+            self.menu_actions[item[0].replace(' ','_').lower()] = mitem
+            #mitem = self.menu_actions[item.replace(' ', '_').lower()]
     def __init__(self):
         self.rc_menu = RCMenu(items = [
-            'Job Details', 'Delete Job', 'Edit Job'])
+            ('Job Details', gtk.STOCK_INFO),
+            ('Delete Job', gtk.STOCK_DELETE),
+            ('Edit Job', gtk.STOCK_EDIT)])
         self.exposed_widgets = {}
         self.banner_area = gtk.HBox()
         #self.pack_start(self.banner_area, False, True, 4)
     def __init__(self):
         self.banner_label.set_label('Job History')
-        self.rc_menu = RCMenu(items=['About Job', 'Rebuild Job',
-                                     'View Build Log', 'View Build Script'])
+        self.rc_menu = RCMenu(items=[
+            ('About Job', gtk.STOCK_INFO),
+            ('Rebuild Job', gtk.STOCK_EXECUTE),
+            ('View Build Log', gtk.STOCK_FILE),
+            ('View Build Script', gtk.STOCK_FILE)])
     def tree_click_event(self, tree, event, data=None):
         """ Events triggered with the treeview is clicked """
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