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+==Unsupported Builds==
+Despite anyone's best efforts, some things are just not possible. Although vpackager can build a wide range of source type, it cannot build *everything* out there, and it never will. Here is a  list of things you *can not* build with vpackager.
+* linux kernel
+ ** vpackager is not designed to compile a linux kernel... Please do not try this.
+* software that ships with their own install scripts.
+ ** It is very common for proprietary software to ship with its own install script. But this is in no way limited to proprietary software, there is free software out there that ships this way... For example:
+  *** skype
+  *** limewire (does this even exist anymore?)
+  *** virtualbox
+  *** vmware
+Of course, there are many more ... but this list is just an example.
+==So what does it do then?==
+vpackager is aimed at building from just about any time of source code. The following build styles are known to be supported.
+* GNU Autoconf 
+ ** The type that builds using ./configure && make && make install
+* Makefiles
+ ** Similar to Gnu Autoconf, but doesn't have a confure script, only makefiles.
+* Python
+ ** Software written in python code and published with distutils using a file.
+* CMake
+ ** Software that builds with CMake (a lot of KDE-related projects use this)
+* Perl
+ ** Software written in perl
+* Waf
+ ** vpackager supports the waf build system. Some things like midori builds using this.
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