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vpackager / installation

How to install vpackager

Starting with version 2.0, vpackager depends on sbbuilder. Sbbuilder is an application developed for vectorlinux, but technically, can run on Slackware or any slack-based distro. With that said, if you do not use vectorlinux, you may install sbbuilder and vpackager should run fine in your system. ( See complete dependency list below )

Get the source

At the moment, the vpackager source can only be obtained from the mercurial repo by executing this command in a terminal

hg clone

After checking out the source code, you may build it by performing the following steps in the directory containing the '' file.

python build
python install

see `python --help` for more options. In the future, when stable releases are available, you will be able to load a vpackager source archive into vpackager, and it will build itself.


The following programs must be installed for vpackager to work on your system.

  • Python2 (version 2.7.1 or better)
  • Sbbuilder
  • psutil (Version 2.0 as of this writing. Available from the 'Downloads' section and also available for install via pysetuptools with `easy_install psutil`
  • Gtk2 version 2.20.x or better (should be included with the distro)
  • gtksourceview (Available from 'Downloads')
  • pygtksourceview (Availble from 'Downloads')