Error inside emacs terminal emulator.

Issue #11 wontfix
aldo ridhoni
created an issue

When I run make config, nothing is showing. Then I tried this:

env PKGNAME=package PORT_OPTIONS="-" ALL_OPTIONS="-" dialog4ports

Error opening terminal: eterm-color

Which the workaround is changing the term name.

env PKGNAME=package PORT_OPTIONS="-" ALL_OPTIONS="-" TERM=xterm-256-color D4PASCIILINES=Y dialog4ports

And if I just run dialog or cdialog directly it worked with color and shadow. Can you look at the problem, thank you.

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  1. Ilya Arkhipov repo owner

    Dialog same can't work, because without terminfo you can't init terminal(more in man 5 terminfo)

    % env TERM=test dialog --textbox /tmp/somefile 100 80
    Error opening terminal: test.

    I close this ticket, if you think it is wrong, please reopen it.

  2. aldo ridhoni reporter

    Strangely enough the dialog binary is working inside emacs-term without changing $TERM. After following hint from emacswiki, here's how I try to fix it:

    make config dialog finally working, but still without color and shadow. I tried to recompile dialog4ports but still no go. Thank you for answering.

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