ILEDocs is a documentation tool which helps software developers to document their programs
in a convenient way.

It is strongly inspired by the Java documentation tool Javadoc.

The goal of this project is to provide both a tool to parse the source code and extract the
documentation information and also a platform to store and view the uploaded documentation.


The backend will be implemented using Dropwizard for easy REST service
creation. By using a REST service as an interface to the backend we
don't limit this project to a special frontend or parser but can add documentation with various tools.


ILEDocs CL and RPG Parser

The old ILEDocs project has parsers for CL and RPG. The missing part is the upload to the new platform.
This could be achieved with the HTTP Client service program.


MiWorkplace has parsers for CL and RPG and will be able to update the documentation from the IDE.

Contribution guidelines

You can contribute in any way you like. Just do it! =)

Take a look at the wiki to get into the project.

Who do I talk to?

Mihael Schmidt ,