Weather Database

This is a demo project which shows how to use the RPG STOMP client and the BlueDroplet REST framework.

For a working demo a messaging system is needed (like RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, ...).

The project shows how to do the following things:

  • make a HTTP request via the SQL interface in SYSTOOLS
  • put data on a remote message queue from a messaging system
  • retrieve data from a remote message queue
  • provide REST API to weather data
  • web frontend to the weather data


This following service programs need to be installed (and all dependencies):


The file weatherdb.sql contains the SQL statement which builds the SQL table for the weather data.

The installation script setup is used to build the programs. It needs to know where to install the objects. The variable TARGET_LIB needs to hold the library name for the objects. Set the library in the following way:


before executing the setup script.

As the programs rely on other libraries the place for the copybook needs to be stated.

export INCDIR=/usr/local/include/



  • Insert some cities into the database table weather_cities.

The long Story

The program WEATHERGET retrieves the data from REST service and puts it on the queue. By using the command WEATHERGET the RPG program gets the parameters passed correctly in contrast to making the call directly to the RPG program on the command line which may mess up long parameters (more than 32 characters).


The program WEATHERSTO takes the data from the queue and stores it in the database. It doesn't need any parameters.

The program WEATHERCTL can be used to start the whole application with just one call (without any parameter). It selects all cities from the table WEATHERCTY (or weather_cities) and starts WEATHERGET for each every 15 minutes. It also starts the program to fetch the data from queue, WEATHERSTO. It creates a data area WEATHER in the current library which controls the lifecycle of the program. Just delete the data area to end the program (it is checked for existence every 15 minutes).

The program WEATHERRS provides the REST services. It can be started without any parameters. The REST service can be tested with

curl http://ibmi:8484/weather/cities