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installation of ocamlspot.vim

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 OCamlSpotter 2.x uses \*.cmt and \*.cmti files created by OCaml compiler 4.00.0 or newer with -bin-annot option.
 Unlike OCamlSpotter 1.x, OCamlSpotter 2.x is a standalone application. You NO LONGER need compiler patching. Just make, make install, and configure ocamlspot.el.
+In OPAM, ocamlspot.el and ocamlspot.vim is %{lib%}/ocamlspot .


 maintainer: ""
 build: [
   ["%{make}%" "all" "opt" "install" "BINDIR=%{bin}%" "EMACSDIR=%{lib}%/ocamlspot"]
+  ["cp" "ocamlspot.vim" "%{lib}%/ocamlspot"]
 remove: [
   ["%{make}%" "uninstall" "BINDIR=%{bin}%"]
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