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Welcome to CountIt!

CountIt is a simple counter app that provides up to 16 counters, implemented as a grid of Buttons. Each button shows the counter's value and an optional label. Pressing the button increases the counter by 1.

Longpressing the button brings up a dialog that lets the user change the counter's label, enter a value directly, and decrease the counter, increase it, or reset it to zero via 3 buttons.

There's also a menu item/action bar button to reset all counters to 0 and a settings screen where the number of counters can be selected between 1 and 16 and the labels can be set directly.

Counter values, number of counters, and labels persist between app restarts.


CountIt can be downloaded in source and binary form from its Bitbucket repository at


CountIt is Copyright 2014 by Manuel Reiter.

CountIt is open source software and licensed under the GPLv3. A copy of the license is included with the source code.

The launcher icon and some in-app icons were created using Android Asset Studio. In creating the launcher icon, an image by andreyutzu from Stock.XCHNG was used.