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Issue #4 resolved

Adjustable Panel Layout Width

Jim Welch
created an issue

In the primary view, it would be nice if you enabled resizing of the 3 panels so that a user could resize the width of a panel.

Comments (3)

  1. Matt Hamilton repo owner

    I know that this came up in the Comic Vine forum thread too, but do we really need it? My feeling is that it would just enable the user to make the main window look ugly.

  2. Jim Welch reporter

    The more I use Comicster, the less I feel that resizing the columns was needed.

    It was one of those first glance UX expectations that I think a lot of people get. When you first use an application, you're always comparing it to other applications, even if the comparison is not always applicable.

    However, I'm sure I'll use it now.

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