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README for sphinx-contrib

This repository contains a collection of Sphinx_ extensions maintained by
their respective authors.  It is not an official part of Sphinx.

.. _Sphinx: http://bitbucket.org/birkenfeld/sphinx


Use ``setup.py`` in the subdirectory for the individual extension::

   cd dir
   python setup.py build
   sudo python setup.py install


If you want to add your own extension, please write an e-mail to
georg@python.org and give your bitbucket user name; you will then
get write access to the public repo at

Send wishes, comments, patches, etc. for individual extensions
to their author as given in the module.

List of extensions

- aafig: render embeded ASCII art as nice images using aafigure_.
- context: a builder for ConTeXt.
- lilypond: an extension inserting music scripts from Lilypond_ in PNG format.
- mscgen: embed mscgen-formatted :abbr:`MSC (Message Sequence Chart)`\ s.
- paverutils: an alternate integration of Sphinx with Paver_.
- sword: an extension inserting Bible verses from Sword_.

.. _aafigure: http://docutils.sourceforge.net/sandbox/aafigure/

.. _paver: http://www.blueskyonmars.com/projects/paver/

.. Sword: http://www.crosswire.org/sword/

.. Lilypond: http://lilypond.org/web/

For contributors

When adding or updating your extension, please adhere to these guidelines:

* Use ``make-ext.py`` to set up your extension subdirectory.
* Each extension must be either a submodule or subpackage of the
  ``sphinxcontrib`` package.  The ``sphinxcontrib/__init__.py`` file in your
  package must not be changed.
* Each extension must be listed in this file under "List of extensions" above.
* Each author should be listed in ``AUTHORS`` along with the extension name.
* It would be good to have all extensions BSD licensed; otherwise make a note in
  an ``ext/LICENSE`` file.
* Each extension can maintain a changelog and readme file; these files should
  be called ``ext/CHANGES`` and ``ext/README``, respectively.